Who We Are

Board of Directors

Cindy Edwards | President
Carrie Conway | Vice President

Virginia Frost | Secretary
Eric Kilchenstein | Treasurer

Michael Cate
Rachel Copeland
Jane Kennedy
Katie Keirnan Marble
Sarah Northrop
Sarah Proctor, DVM
Jodi Wagner
Karen Zaramba

Administrative Staff

Obie Barker | Executive Director
obarker@popememorialcvhs.org, ext. 115

Melanie Burger | Marketing Manager
mburger@popememorialcvhs.org, ext. 113

Niki D’Alessandro | Adoption and Foster Supervisor

Amy Drapeau | Assistant Shelter Manager
adrapeau@popememorialcvhs.org, ext. 102

Mary Goyette | Humane Education Coordinator
mgoyette@popememorialcvhs.org, ext. 111

Michaela King | Communications Assistant

Janet Quintero | Database and Administrative Associate
jquintero@popememorialcvhs.org, ext. 112

Deborah Shelton | Development Director
dshelton@popememorialcvhs.org, ext. 106

Tracie Winslow | Shelter and Medical Manager
twinslow@popememorialcvhs.org, ext. 104

Shelter Staff

Jillian Broadhurst | Veterinary Assistant
Sabrina Burnham | Animal Care Technician
Cassy Carper | Animal Care Technician
Lissa Castaneda | Veterinary Technician
Miguel Catala | Veterinary Assistant & Animal Care Technician
Sheana Catlin | Animal Care Technician
Hailey Drapeau | Adoption Counselor & Animal Care Technician
Alice Grass | Veterinary Technician Supervisor
Carole Kimple | Animal Care Technician
Kathryn Pelletier | Veterinary Technician
Jessica Phillips | Veterinary Assistant
Sarah Riss | Animal Care Technician
Christine Verill | Animal Care Technician
Suzanne Castaneda | Animal Care Technician

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